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Our mouths were watering. We were commissioned to create a creative concept for the Alesol brand of cooking oils and we thought about the symphony of flavors and colors that mix with each other of traditional Ecuadorian food, but with a change, not everything has to be so traditional, right? 


Creative concept


La Facultad Agency




The Project

Ecuadorian food is full of flavors, colors and flavors that constitute very traditional dishes, but why not mix everything beyond the known? Thus was born Atypical Dishes, non-traditional flavors.

Alesol celu.png

An explosion of flavor

Oil, meat, seafood, chicken, vegetables, all of them flying through the air and colliding with each other to create mixtures that have not been invented yet but that would surely be delicious.


Ideas to trade the world

Developing creative concepts for campaigns is what it does best for us. We love the challenge of thinking of new ways of communicating brands or products and we always look forward to new projects that force us to live up to what our customers expect.

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