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BJ Odontology

The creation of this dentist brand brought a new perspective to the dentistry business, creating a clean, modern and aesthetic look for our dentist friend Bernardo Jiménez, we proudly present BJ odontology.


Branding, Social Network


Dr. Bernardo Jimenez




The brand

BJ is a dental clinic characterized by providing a luxury service seeking to make all its clients feel like the super stars that they are.

BJ phone.png

More smiles

They convinced us that the aesthetics of exclusivity and luxury can be mixed with the cleanliness of dental care and that is how we manage to implement it, we really love the result.


Each brand is a world

Although we have worked for several dental brands, each of them has its differentials and its own essence, so it is a nice challenge to understand each business and give it its personality and voice.

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