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Ñata's coffee

This is a brand that conveys sweetness. All of your products are delicious and your logo should look the same. They commissioned us to rebranding their brand and this is what we achieved.




Nicole Gómez




The brand

The brand's place has a wall full of nature and they found that this was one of its biggest distinctive features, that's why they wanted it in their logo and that's how we solved it. 

nata phone.png

Yuuuum coffee

One of the cutest things there is is the brand of the coffee cup left on the table, that's why we took that idea and put it directly into your logo. Delicious isn't it?


What a sweet brand

We love color and even more so to customers who allow us to use it. We love the result of creating this brand and we know that Nicole and her family are happy too. We really enjoy this project and more projects that come loaded with desserts and coffee are always welcome. 

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