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Heavy Wings

We created this heavy parcel shipping brand. We seek to convey its essence and its desire to be a pioneer in the shipment of household items and large format products and we believe that we did a great job using elephants and wings in the logo. 




Heravy Wings




The brand

There's not much else to say beyond letting the brand speak for itself, after all, that's what branding is all about. Here we leave our work for our friends from Heavy Wings.

phone heavy wings.png

A giant brand

What can be heavier than an elephant? Well, the graphic line that we developed for Heavy Wings is much heavier. We wanted to transfer the weight of the logo to its colors and superposed shapes so that it is correctly understood that we load and send large-format packages.


Cutting the wind

We took off and went far with the creation of this brand. We loved working on this project and we had to think a lot about it but the results leave us very happy.

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