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Mad Vibes

Delicious and healthy are two words to describe Mad Vibes, which we love! and since it makes us so happy, we replicate it in the branding we did for them.

With all of you, Mad Vibes!




Johanna Filián




The brand

Mad Vibes pretty much does everything you love, but healthy and with protein! Enjoy the most delicious food without the guilt of extra calories. We replicated its wide variety in the colors we chose and its versatility in a very bold and dynamic typography.


Brands that do well

Working for a brand that gives us creative freedom and that we are so passionate about, is always a pleasure. We love it's vision and we captured it in all the work we did for the brand.

logo mad vibes.png

No guilt involved

We love being able to be part of an entrepreneureship that collaborates so much with our palate and our health. The variety of shapes and colors that Mad Vibes puts into their products, is the same that helped us to interpret it graphically.

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