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Mamut Active SportsWear

Our great friend Andrés asked us to create a big and strong brand like him, and that's why we thought about the biggest thing that we could think of. Here we present the sportswear brand Mamut.




Andrés Cruz




Fashion photography by Bokehalien


The brand

Mamut is a clothing brand designed to bring out the competitive gene of each person, and in our case, it encouraged us to take out everything we had in store to give it that tough and imposing personality.

phone mamut.png

Awakening the beast

We created a strong brand but we not only did that, we gave it a personality that impacts and motivates it to excel without fear of anything or anyone.


For friends

We are proud to work with each of our clients but it is much more gratifying that those clients are our friends. Mamut is a brand that we love a lot because it gives us the opportunity to contribute to the growth of our own and also of the local businesses in our country. 

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