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OLE Smart Spaces

Ole came up with great inspiration for parking, mixing design and creativity in a project that expresses functionality and clear communication.


Brand Identity, Social Networks


Ing. Javier Bermudez




The brand

We have known the people of OLE for several years but by 2019, they realized that they needed to unify their message into one and be able to spread it on different platforms. We create a dynamic and colorful brand communication to make it attractive to the eyes of all drivers in the country. 

OLE phone.png

Effective communication

We have transferred the technological and youthful vision of the brand, directly to its consumers. We understand that words and images have an immediate impact on the consumer, so we unify the OLE message and park it in the minds of your customers.


We park in the digital

We create a dynamic language from visual to text for our friends at OLE. The performance of the proposed communication had very positive results on the different digital platforms.

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