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Nature is the mother of inspiration, nothing is more fulfilling than a product that not only cares about costumers, but also helps our environment. Their principles gave us the opportunity to create a brand that fully adheres to what this product represents.

We present to you, Paradeima!






The brand

Paradeima equals nature, therefore the brand and packaging we did, revolves around nature. we looked for a way to include bio-friendly materials as part of the creation.

Paradeima project behance-13.jpg
Paradeima project behance-10.jpg
Paradeima project behance-15.jpg

Brands that do well

The passion they have for nature made us revolve around shapes and colors, that reminds us  of earth and plants, inspiring our public to contribute to our environment.

Paradeima project behance-16.jpg

Take care of yourself, and the planet

The noble labor carried out by those who make up Paradeima,  pushed us to learn new techniques and ways of being creative. In their package creation we had to include new ways of production, so it could go around their eco-friendly vision.

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