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Restaurant Pueblita

One of our most loyal customers. Restaurant Pueblita has entrusted us with all their digital communication and for them we have wasted creativity in each project. This is just a sample.


Brand Identity, Social Networks


Sr. Sandra Puebla




The brand

Pueblita is a very traditional restaurant on the outskirts of Quito. Its more than 60 years of history allow us to exploit all its experience in your digital communication.


Traditions that last

Although times and technologies change, what makes our brands unique is their ability to evolve and transcend. Pueblita does it amazingly.


Years of trust

We are proud to say that we have clients who have recognized our work with their loyalty. With Restaurtant Pueblita we have been working for several years now and the evolution is constant but the message is clear and makes itself heard. We will continue without disappointing your trust. 

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