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¡Qué linda gente!

The campaign developed by beautiful people, for beautiful people. Inspired by our people and our traditional language, and a beautiful phrase that we use daily. Giving place to a successful campaign for a bank in our country. Full of colors, iconography and our main inspiration, hard-working people.




Banco Codesarrollo




The brand

Working on an advertising campaign, hand in hand with a bank that is growing in recognition, was opening the doors to a fresh and welcoming campaign creation, because we include the most beautiful part of our people, together with important elements, such as our sun and the colors of our mountains, and rivers.

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Brands that do well

The mission and vision of Codesarrollo Bank are focused on lending a hand to every entrepreneur who needs it, we feel the same passion for the Ecuadorians who make up our country and help it grow. With the campaign, we create a bridge from all users with needs, to the Bank, who can provide them with the requested help.

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Your body, your decision

For the campaign, we were provided with a bank of photos taken of working people from all over the country, accompanied by their businesses, their families, working tools, etc. These were distributed among posting for their networks, mupis and advertising on buses nationwide.

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