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The idea of creating a brand that combines the importance of knowledge on nutrition issues with psychological support on the same topic seemed incredible to us. That is why we put in everything we have and this was the result.


Branding, Social Network


Dra. Virginia Gómez de la Torre




The brand

Redical provides comprehensive care in psychology and nutrition issues. We give it personality from every point of view and we try to use the Spanish language to give weight to its name.

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Health that makes you fall in love

We love working on projects that have a high social contribution and Redical is one of them. We gave it a striking color scheme that goes very well with the idea of health and wellness both inside and out.

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We love to contribute

If brands come with a social contribution, it motivates us even more and that is why Redical is one of the projects that moved us the most. We love working for our clients and if we can help too, then we are a little bit happier.

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