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Reina Arepa

Reina arepa's proposal mixes social networks with our creative ideas, ending in a colorful and delicious presentation of arepas in the brand.


Brand Identity, Social Networks


Reina Arepa




The brand

Reina Arepa came to us wanting to break it on social networks but we knew that we needed effective communication that goes hand in hand with her delicious arepas.


Ideas that stretch like cheese

We build a funny and colorful language that goes hand in hand with the idea of the owner of Reina Arepa. As a good Colombian, he wanted us to capture the joyful and exciting idea of his product. 


Ideas that come out of the oven

We love working with brands that have innovative and above all delicious products. The ideas of our clients enhance the work we do, we are convinced that ideas are better if they pass through many brains.

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